Map edits

The map is a living thing that changes over time. There are some changes to existing spots and new spots to be explored.
Jakundaf Desert Nomads - Great place for level 14+ players to get a good experience and collect some gold coins. Be careful of scorpions' spots underground!
Jakundaf Desert Scarabs - Scarabs and single Ancient Scarabs can be found somewhere under the Jakundaf desert.
Outlaw's buildings to the west from H.L. - Bandits and Wild Warriors are expanding their territories to the north.
Cyclops on POH - Cyclops gained power and expanded their territory to the north.
Under Valkyries' command, Amazon Camp in Venore expanded their household to the north.
Dragons Kazordoon - New mountain dragons have been found in Kazordoon's East mountains.
Amazon Camp next to North Port is rebuilding its legacy again.
Amazon tower on the very north of Carlin has been reinforced.
A new Ghostland cave has been discovered.
Orc's generals funded small Orcs castle to monitor the area.
Carlin's graveyard is now deeper than ever.
There are rumors about witches near Thais.
Cyclops on the southeast of Thais have an additional underground floor.
Wild Warriors built a small camp in Edron.
A small skeleton island near Carlin was discovered.
Population of Dragons in Ankrahmun grew.
A new hole in Hydra's on Port Hope has been discovered.
Heroes took over new towers in Edron.
Cursed Explorers on Port Hope gathered enough strength to rob Banuta. The entrance can be found on the east from Port Hope's ship.
A new dungeon on the south of Cursed Explorers temple has been found. It's full of spiders!
Undeads near Darashia's Opera. You can find it in the west of the city.
Wyrms mountain near Edron's Orcs hideout.
A new place full of scary undead monsters. Deadly Hellspawns can be found here.
Tortoises and Pirates have been discovered south of Port Hope.
Mutated Monsters between Ankrahmun and Port Hope
Water Elementals on Pearadise
Earth Elementals on Pearadise
Dragons on Pearadise
Energy Elementals on Pearadise