Crafting in Darkrest.Online allows players to create various items and equipment, providing a deep and engaging mechanic that allows players to immerse themselves further into the game world. This system is closely tied to the gathering professions, requiring the resources they provide to create diverse items.
The crafting system allows players to create items such as weapons, armor, and more. This is achieved by combining various gathered resources in different ways.
A crafting workbench is usually near every town's blacksmith or weapon seller.
Workbench in Thais

Enhanced Crafting and Item Rarity

Crafting goes beyond just creating items; it's a careful art of potentially generating rare and powerful equipment with exceptional attributes. This added layer of complexity makes crafting an even more exciting and rewarding experience for players.
When crafting, each item has a chance to become more than just a standard, common item. It can potentially evolve into an uncommon, rare, epic, or even legendary item, each tier providing more bonuses and being of higher value. However, the odds of crafting higher rarity items are lower, which adds to their exclusivity and desirability.
Crafting module

Boosting Rarity Chance with Gold

In a unique twist to the crafting system, players can improve their chances of crafting higher-rarity items by adding gold to their craft. Gold, being a precious resource, can be used in crafting to enhance the magical properties of the items, increasing the likelihood of producing an item of higher rarity.
When using gold in crafting, the crafting window will display the new, increased chance of obtaining a higher rarity item. This allows players to weigh the costs and benefits of using their gold for crafting versus other uses in the game.

Crafting and Attributes

The rarity of an item doesn't only make it more valuable; it also has a profound effect on the attributes that the item can bestow upon its user. Higher rarity items will possess greater attributes and bonuses, making them significantly more powerful.
For instance, a Legendary item, the highest rarity tier, comes with one attribute and three bonuses. These attributes can boost various aspects of a character's abilities, such as their Magic Level (Intelligence), Melee Skills (Strength), Distance (Dexterity), Movement Speed, Constitution, and Healing Power (Focus).
Different classes benefit from different attributes, and having a crafted item that bolsters an attribute crucial to your character's class can provide a significant edge in gameplay. For example, a Druid would greatly benefit from a high Healing Power (Focus), while a Barbarian might prefer enhanced Melee Skills (Strength).
As a player, your crafted items' attributes can influence your character's growth, enabling you to mold your character according to your preferred playstyle. Whether a swift Assassin or a sturdy Soldier, the right-crafted items can further empower your character's strengths.


"Blessing" is a special item that can be used to increase the success rate of the crafting process. By using a Blessing, players can ensure that their valuable resources don't go to waste, providing a safety net for crafting especially valuable or challenging items.
When a player uses a Blessing item, the next crafted item will increase the chance of being successfully created. This is particularly useful when crafting high-tier items that require rare and expensive resources, helping to safeguard your investment.
Success Rate Bonus
Holy Falcon


"Perks" are another advanced crafting option. Specifically, the "Perk I" modifier guarantees that the crafted item will have the specified bonus if you craft it as uncommon on higher rarity.
Perk Item does not guarantee an uncommon item craft. The bonus from the perk item will be added only if you craft an uncommon (or higher) rarity item.
This not only increases the item's effectiveness but also its potential value if sold to other players.
The use of Perks opens up new strategic possibilities for crafters, allowing them to tailor their crafting process based on their needs, whether it's crafting superior gear for personal use or creating valuable items for sale.