Attributes and bonuses

The higher the rarity, the stronger the attributes and bonuses your item will have.


  • (Acorn) Fighter: Melee Skills and Magic Level
  • (Bat Wing) Assassin: Distance Skill and Magic Level
  • (Antlers) Occultist: Movement Speed and Magic Level
  • (Blood Preservation) Battlemage: Health and Magic Level
  • (Bear Paw) Druid: Healing Power and Magic Level
  • (Battle Stone) Nomad: Distance Skill and Melee Skills
  • (Bony Tail) Soldier: Movement Speed and Melee Skills
  • (Piece of Warrior Armor) Barbarian: Health and Melee Skills
  • (Bunch of Troll Hair) Monk: Healing Power and Melee Skills
  • (Chicken Feather) Duelist: Movement Speed and Distance Skill
  • (Broken Longbow)Brigand: Health and Distance Skill
  • (Bundle of Cursed Straw) Ranger: Healing Power and Distance Skill
  • (Colourful Feather) Sentry: Health and Movement Speed
  • (Headpecker Feather) Scholar: Healing Power and Movement Speed
  • (Angel Figurine) Cleric: Healing Power and Health


  • (Falcon Crest) Alacrity: Haste you apply lasts longer
  • (Elven Scouting Glass) Mana Recovery: When you are hit while below X% HP, gain mana
  • (Wild Flowers) Extra Pockets: You gain additional cap
  • (Seacrest Pearl) Brillant: You gain additional mana/fury
  • (Snake Skin) Resilient: Critical hits deal less damage to you
  • (piece of scarab shell) Ward: Damage absorption against physical.
  • (minotaur skull) Death Ward: Damage absorption against death
  • (pile of grave earth) Earth Ward: Damage absorption against earth
  • (small flask of eyedrops) Energy Ward: Damage absorption against energy
  • (piece of hellfire armor) Fire Ward: Damage absorption against fire
  • (unholy bone) Holy Ward: Damage absorption against holy
  • (winter wolf fur) Ice Ward: Damage absorption against ice
  • (kollos shell) Ranged Aversion: You take % less damage from ranged physical attacks
  • (blessed water) Blessed: % Healing Bonus
  • (spider silk) Freedom: Paralyze is less effective on you
  • (wyvern talisman) Duplicating Toast: When you drink a potion, there is a % chance it doesn't consume
  • (headpecker beak) Keen Awareness (Critical): You have % more critical chance
  • (countess sorrow's frozen tear) Health: You have more maximum health
  • (emerald tortoise shell) Mortal Lifesteal: When you kill a monster, gain X health (1 sec cooldown)
  • (poisoned fang / red dragon scale) Torment: % of your damage dealt is converted into DoT for 5 seconds (5 sec cooldown)
  • (death horn) Death Attunement: Attack deals an additional % damage as Death
  • (earth horn) Earth Attunement: Attack deals an additional % damage as Earth
  • (energy horn) Energy Attunement: Attack deals an additional % damage as Energy
  • (fire horn) Fire Attunement: Attack deals an additional % damage as Fire
  • (holy horn) Holy Attunement: Attack deals an additional % damage as Holy
  • (ice horn) Ice Attunement: Attack deals an additional % damage as Ice
  • (tanjis' sight) Gold Extraction: When killing a monster you get a % chance of doubling its gold drop
  • (fox paw) Leeching: Health leech
  • (carrion worm fang) Furious Revenge: Amplify your damage by a specified percentage when your health drops below 20%.
  • (fish fin) Vital Strike: +X% lifesteal on critical hits.